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Procipient® Carries Over Lessons Learned

Procipient® has learned lessons from previous clients that they carry over to subsequent roll-outs. Over the last 20 years, customers from the highly regulated financial sector of banks and credit unions, as well as manufacturers, utilities, insurance companies, food companies and even testing and certification firms, have provided insights that have been put into use for our ERM-GRC software.

As a result, Procipient®'s Universal Evaluation Framework software is an essential part of an enterprise toolkit. It is built around a structured, multi-level framework which can be fully configured by users quickly. This makes for an incredibly flexible piece of software that’s highly intuitive regardless of the application. 

Download our flyer to see more about how Procipient®'s Universal Evaluation Framework simplifies risk, or read more about the software's flexibility in this whitepaper.

What is Procipient®?

Next-Generation ERM / GRC Software

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Procipient® is a next-generation, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) / Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software. It delivers an intuitive, user-friendly, configurable interface, which focuses on simplifying risk management. Because of Procipient’s intelligent design, it can be implemented incredibly quickly and easily. The software is built around a structured framework which can be fully configured by the user, by us, or we offer easily tailored, pre-built templates.

FLoD (First Line of Defense) - Assessments are driven by pre-built, completely configurable assessments with scoring on each of the business elements created within the framework, giving users the ability to gain insight into Inherent Risk, Probabilistic Risk, Control Effectiveness, and Residual Risk.

SLoD (Second Line of Defense) - Easily map all of your compliance documentation and controls to their corresponding risks and business processes, and prove compliance by linking them to the laws, regulations and guidance they address.

TLoD (Third Line of Defense) - Procipient® also allows you to schedule and track audits, assign and track the remediation of issues, and more.

Give auditors, regulators, and your board clear insight into your bank’s risks and controls with powerful reporting and dashboards. Procipient® reduces the practical and financial challenges historically associated with ERM/GRC systems while providing a solution flexible enough for any need.

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